These paintings are expressed sensations of a place full of wonder, serenity, imagination, and ecstasy. They are non-verbal communications between my memories from a different part of the world, different atmosphere and landscapes, to my present surroundings, connections and dependencies.  The journeys between memories and reality have left deep impressions and allow me to see things differently. The moods and feelings that my paintings bring about are far more important to me than reference to specific natural landscapes.

I work spontaneously on creating emotional impact of color, texture, light, atmospheric condition and composition. I use exaggerated organic lines and forms, distorted and abstracted with energetic and subtle brushstrokes. Scraping away, repainting, pouring color, whipping, dripping … creative work is an inexplicable process and I try all possibilities of what can be done with color on canvas to embrace spirituality.

My paintings have a universal language that speaks from my heart. I like to make an emotional connection with my viewers to draw them in, so they can feel my intended peace and harmony.