Conceptually my works focus on the human condition. Human as a whole with their fear, pain, hope, vulnerability and strength. The theme I pursue comes from some social issues that have affected me deeply but I construct my paintings in a way that is open to interpretations. This creates a certain mood or conveys a feeling without being overly specific. I wish not to illustrate but to evoke humanness and emotional intensity.

I admire the philosophy of emptiness in composition and decidedly placed the focus on the figure to expose its significance and appreciating the human body and soul. Mostly they are naked because they are about human nature, not culture.

I usually depict more than one thought or feelings in my works. The sleeping series describe vulnerability of us in a chaotic and unstable society. Also a transitory state between life and death or rebirth into another world and connection to the soul. Sometimes we sleep to remove ourselves from the sharpness of reality or to escape to a dulled existence where our thoughts wander through fantasy and our battles are fought by a different self.

I am also fascinated by portrait paintings. Painting a portrait for me is out of a compulsion to document my feelings. It can be a self-portrait which is a self-discovery at a deeper level. Or a portrait of a person from the past which I connect with. Or even a non-verbal communication with a person. My portraits are not concerned with likeness but it is important that I create a mystery and atmosphere that convey human energy and emotion.

The process of my works has evolved from a traditional style to a more contemporary approach. They take months to complete as there are many layers of change, refinement, and glazing required to achieve the feeling I am looking for.

I work in series to develop range of possibilities in one subject and usually work on two or more paintings within the same window of time. The times I am waiting for a layer to dry, I can work on another one. This process of development allows my pieces to share a common expressive thread.